Jumat, 29 April 2016

[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Wen – Play Your Corner Lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


[Verse 1:]
Original don-dada
That’s why you na’ have to chat to me proper
Rise up, we gon’ make everything [?]
A buss a rat-a an’ tatta’, Yeah
The mafi’ chat to lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Wen – Play Your Corner Lyrics download mp3 me decent, ‘car we murder boy without reason
Boy get duppy like him commit treason
And we don’t care which bloodclart season
Up in the winter, we make soundboy run like a sprinter
We get bad like an old school ninja, culture
And we don’t care like you a ginger
Original bad boy inna’ the area
[?] white skin like malaria
Them a ‘gwan like them a won’t stop
When I come around the grime scene get scarier

[Verse 2:]
Ay boy, you a slick info’ man, you a grass
That’s why you a get a shot inna’ your ass
That’s why we no trust them bloodclart
Any time of the day, much less after dark
In a war, we will back up the gun them
Can’t see man, then we’ll back up we gun them fast
We see Babylon and we don’t talk
You see Babylon and you start talk
You start [?], you start tell Babylon everything then
How much coke we a’ shot tell Babylon
How much gun we a’ pull
How we run up in a soundclash with twenty man
And how me a’ kill everything
Boy light up when lift me a ting and your neck get [?]
When they see me start sing

One on the yout’, One on the man, Rise up me and fam’
One on the yout’, One on the man, [?] when we
One on the yout’, One on the man, Ey, Rise up me and fam’

You know that was bang out of order
Crossed a line now you crossed a border
You just turned the wrong corner
Now you’re going to have Kahn & Neek in your corner

[Verse 3:]
Look, I’m going to shower this ting down
I got a [?] from a [?] in town
You better get down, I got a [?]
And I come here to spit rounds
You want to come around here with them likkle bars
And some little shit sound
You better know man a’ roll with the big sound
And my gun’s got the largest teeth, cord kord chord Wen – Play Your Corner Lyrics kunci gitar rudeboy
You can call it a big hound
Anything try to test me we’ll lick down
One bar everything gets spin round
Tell a dibby MC, “sit down”
Man can’t try chords Wen – Play Your Corner Lyrics lyrics [?] off the [?]
I’ve been [?]
If I squeeze up I’ll make ten niggas lay down
Look, and they’re going to stay down
I’m a big man, who they can’t play round
They can’t fuck round, when I touch down
Everything dead with the lead that we touch down
Shot in the head, them dead, [?] down
Cause I’m a real gun man, you’re a gun clown
I leave everybody dead with one round, one clip
You can’t chat to me about the gun ‘ting, I does this
And beef [?]
And in a soundclash ting cause I run this
And I got lyrics and shells in abundance
I run the circumference, let me lay that down for you
[?] basically I’m no clown, I’m a’ [?]
I’ve got holes and [?] like a rasclart compass
And I don’t believe a word you say cause I know that you man are fronters



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