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[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Cassidy – Mr. Chicken Lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


Battlin’ was my hobby, body after body/1
You must have forgot boy/
Broke niggas do it for the culture/
Fuck what they told you, I do it for the guap boy/
In Battle Rap I’m the King, to get back in the ring/
I got a quarter million off top boy/

It’s all about the motherfuckin’ money/
It’s all about the motherfuckin’ money/
It’s all about the motherfuckin’ money/
It’s all about the motherfuckin’ money/

[Verse 1]
When someone born, someone dies/
When the gun rise nigga, you won’t see the next sunrise/
The gun size my youngest son size/
With dum-dums and a drum that’s my thumb size/
And I shoot some, niggas got a loose tongue/
Till they get a gun in their mouth and then they get tongue tied/
Look I write bars in the book that’s off the hook/
Like that pirate with a patch on one eye/
Body boy, you wan’ die? Put in an urn or casket/
With worms and the maggots, the young flies/
You ain’t in the school of Hard Knocks alumni/
You had a graduation but they ain’t accept your application/
You fakin’, you ain’t never do shit/
Lyin’ on wax, that can get you aired out like a Q-tip/
I guess this nigga fuckin’ with that meth on some Wu shit/
Not Method Man, that Breaking Bad-Heisenberg blue shit/
My gun got kick like a kung fu flick/
Some Jiu Jitsu shit, that’s that 22 times 2 shit/
The .44 draw blood on some SooWoo shit/
Some Damu shit, bang on some Piru shit/
You trynna blow, I been blew like a true Crip/
True shit, believe it if it’s comin’ out my two lips/
I used to street fight on some Ken and Ryu shit/
(Hadouken!) Now I just stab niggas and shoot shit/
Have your body floatin’ in the ocean like a cruise ship/
The pistol rip you apart, you on some shark food shit/
I’m trigger happy, but I’m always on some “in the bad mood” shit/
Hot-headed, trynna be on some cool shit/
But violence, I’m obsessed with it/
Put some pool balls in a tube sock/
And beat you half to death with it/
Feel it cut to the top and pop till nothing left in it/
Shootin’ every shell in the piece so you can rest in it/
Let’s get it, they say I fell off and I’m irrelevant/
But I’m well off so I’m intelligent/
I was selling bricks, trappin’ trynna make it work/
Now my paper stackin’ off rap and no paperwork/
Every time I make a verse, I’m trynna benefit/
If it ain’t about the muhfuckin’ money, I ain’t interested/
Big business shit, I said then I meant the shit/
Extended clips, metal in your mouth chords Cassidy – Mr. Chicken Lyrics lyrics on some dentist shit/
Fuck censorship, but I’m bout to edit out/
Beretta out, you had a head before I blew a letter out/
Bring the cheddar out, I’m the best with it/
When they said they had 40′ for me, I couldn’t mess with it/
Till Lush One hit my phone and said he lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Cassidy – Mr. Chicken Lyrics download mp3 had over 200′ for me/
End of story, let’s get it; Fred said he gettin’ calls about me/
Then I got a call from Jag like they mad doin’ blogs about me/
Mr. Chicken, the money man/
They ain’t even gettin’ 20 bands/
And I got a couple hundred grand/
Who want it man? I got tons of fans/
And after this battle, every hater gone become a fan/
I did stadiums, Powerhouse, Summer Jam/
You think I’m the underdog, you too high to understand/
I wasn’t gettin’ cheese, I wasn’t in the lead/
Till my nigga Swizz threw the assist underhand/
This not the NBA, but I was cakin’ out like my B-Day/
Before my battle with Freeway/
My other battles caught on tape was a secret/
Cause the labels paid Swizz not to release it/
Yeah, I been the shit, I killed Goodz/
And so many other niggas, that I can’t even remember it/
I can’t wait till December hit, it’s a homi’/
I’m a catch a fuckin’ body on December 6th/
They put me against this immigrant? He gone get crushed/
I hope Lush got him health insurance benefits/
Yeah Battle Rap switched up/
But if you think where I left off/
I’m a pick up, you got me mixed up/
I got my way back, I can name-drop/
Name flip, and do a scheme/
But yah I mean, I’m a save that/
Fall way back, ‘fore I get the hammer/
Lift the H up cord kord chord Cassidy – Mr. Chicken Lyrics kunci gitar and make ya body breakup, Wiz & Amber/
Mariah and Nick, the day I retire from this/
The day that I retire my dick… never!/
It’s whatever, all these battle cats know that/
I’m the Floyd “Money” Mayweather of Battle Rap, facts!/

[Hook + Bridge]



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