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[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Russ – 10 Year Freestyle Lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


[Produced by Russ]

[Verse 1: Russ]
I’m cool on your opinion of my strategy
Phone full of women all mad at me
Cuz they ain’t on my mind like they use to
Cuz I ain’t got the time that I use to
Money tight as usual but it’s cool because it’s comin
And I don’t ever follow yo strut
I don’t ever follow money
I just follow my gut
Now they followin russ
Yea ya boys gettin bigger now
Yall careers dying start pouring out the liquor now
Been at this since 06
Before it started bein cool to drop albums with no hits
I’m out here comin for all of it
I want all the acknowledgment
I want all the accomplishments
I want cars that’s astonishing
Plus the house that my mamas in
Should be big as a cord kord chord Russ – 10 Year Freestyle Lyrics kunci gitar continent
I make good on my promises
50 bitches to party with
Man the world is my audience
I’m just tryna give my statement
Billboard from a basement
The type of focus where you wonder where the day went
But do it all again
How to be a millionaire
It’s getting harder to call a friend
Too many hidden agendas
You 50/50 with your character
My life is on the line
Theres gon always be a barrier
Between me and most
I never let em too close
With the girls it’s no chords Russ – 10 Year Freestyle Lyrics lyrics different
I can’t be fallin for hoes
That’s why I keep to myself
I stay recording tryna upgrade
My life to the nights full of lights cash and runways
I haven’t had a Monday since 18
I knew in high school I could go pro like KG
Lately it’s been lookin like I made the right decision
Found my way outta the dark I gotta flash light vision
If her ass right but the face left
Then I’m dippin
I needa chick 3 for 3 like pippen
Hang my jersey up
It’s worthy of the rafters
I know their game I ain’t worried bout these rappers
It’s too predictable now
It’s so political now
And Im sorry if I sound a little cynical now
It’s just that most my favorite rappers are invisible now
Everyday I make a song that’s just habitual now
Ain’t nobody gonna do it like me
Ain’t nobody gonna fill the void I see but me so here I go
12 shots
Like the cops now I’m wasted
It’s in the blood of America to be racist
Land of the taken
Home of the cover it all up and don’t say shit
Act like it ain’t happen
Cut copy paste it
It’s on every channel doesn’t matter if you change it
I’m off it tho
It ain’t where I’ve gone
It’s where I’ve gotta go
I tell these local girls what they wanna know
Never fuck em twice cuz I won’t be there to catch em
Self belief and a passion this is the natural reaction
I be singing these ballads
Like a Yung mike Bolton
Sprewell with the raps
Tho like russ might choke him
Keep a few eyes open
I’m everywhere I’m omnipresent
Wired with the drive of a bugatti engine
I’ve been running non stop lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Russ – 10 Year Freestyle Lyrics download mp3 since 14
Ain’t no time to slow up
Man I need more beats
Even tho I got 500 sittin in a playlist
I’m startin to realize that the money won’t change shit
I’m startin to realize that yalls basic ain’t my basic
On the plane to the A making a list of all the shit matters
Yalls opinions didn’t make it
Bout to be a A list celebrity
Wife me up a singer
Hope she gotta accent
Hope she drinks liquor
Board of advisors I can count on 4 fingers
Leave the middle one open
To let you know I ain’t sweet
I’ve been a shepherd my whole life
I can’t relate to the sheep
It’s a shame you asleep
But I’m about to make your bed shake
Bow down to me I’m the sensei
Let’s play who’s gon be here in a decade
Lotta yall are barely even making it to the next day


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